Pentagon to review case of Marine who defied general in Taliban defilement case

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“In view the pervasive unlawful command influence by the commandant, his counsel and subordinates which has permeated every corner of this case, we respectfully request review by the Secretary of the Navy and counsel not serving in the Marine Corps,” Mr. Dowd said.

He told the Navy secretary, “When [the board] decides to separate a superb Marine officer they acquitted on the evidence and recommended for an honorable discharge they are clearly following the unlawful ‘guidance’ of the commandant to ‘crush’ those charged in the [urination] cases and throw them out of the Marine Corps. There is no other explanation. The finding of separation is the product of unlawful command influence and is for that reason, null and void.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that the inspector general cleared Gen. Amos of showing favoritism in ensuring the promotion of Maj. James B. Conway, the son of Gen. Amos‘ predecessor as commandant. Maj. Conway was executive officer of the sniper unit during that deployment but was not singled out for punishment.

Maj. Weirick had filed the favoritism complaint, saying Maj. Conway, now a lieutenant colonel, was promoted while other officers in the unit remained on hold.

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