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“Our front office believes we have the right people in place,” Mr. Allen said.

The message to a weary and cynical fan base was simple: Trust us. That was a message heard many times before in Washington. The sell is difficult, even for Mr. Allen’s silver tongue.

This is the same front office, for example, that assisted Mr. Shanahan in assembling a roster outscored by 144 points en route to losing eight straight games to finish the season.

Was Mr. Shanahan an obstacle to the organization’s return to the distant days of success? Or, instead, a high-profile symptom of larger, longer-term issues in an organization loath to acknowledge mistakes?

The Redskins will retreat to the same basic formula that has served them under Mr. Snyder as Mr. Allen opens the search for another head coach. Left unanswered in Monday’s slew of written statements and press conferences, though, is whether the configuration that hasn’t worked thus far will ever lead to sustained success.

Otherwise, the latest reinvention of the Redskins could be nothing stronger than a flimsy strip of Scotch tape.