- The Washington Times - Monday, December 30, 2013

An art historian has discovered two priceless pieces that were suspected of being looted by Nazis — right inside Germany’s parliament.

One of the works — an oil painting, “Chancellor Buelow speaking in the Reichstag” by Georg Waltenberger, dates to 1905, a local newspaper reported. The other work was a chalk lithography called “Street in Koenigsberg,” by Lovis Corinth, Ynet News reported.

The Nazis stole and plundered hundreds of thousands of works of art from homes and museums across Europe. Many are still missing, and museums all around the world regularly check their exhibits and the origins of their displays for ties to Nazi looters.

It’s a massive embarrassment for the German authorities, especially since other Nazi-looted works of art were discovered stashed inside a Munich apartment last month, Ynet News reported.

The Bundestag said an art historian was investigating two “suspicious cases” but would not elaborate further.



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