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And while they are quick to cover crimes where it appears that whites (or a Hispanic neighborhood watchman) have targeted blacks, they desperately avoid covering crimes where blacks appear to have targeted whites.

In Charlottesville two weeks ago, a marauding gang of three black thugs targeted a white couple enjoying a little pre-Christmas revelry on the downtown mall. They savagely beat the man and punched the woman when she begged for mercy and threw open her purse for them to take cash.

The “Clockwork Orange”-style savagery was interrupted only long enough for the beastly droogs to laugh and joke and bro-hug over their ongoing conquest. Then back to the old ultraviolence.

Though the woman snapped numerous pictures of the violent criminals, the Charlottesville police did little to investigate. Finally, after more than a week, the alternative weekly in the city wrote a story. Only then did the rest of the media follow suit and the police promise to investigate.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the violent criminals remained at large, perhaps seeking their next victim.

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