- - Tuesday, December 31, 2013


A few years ago, the story broke that Jesse Jackson Sr. had fathered an illegitimate daughter, and that for some time he had been misdirecting funds from his organization to support her. If this had been almost anyone else, the latter deed would have been called embezzlement, and the perpetrator would have been facing serious prison time. On a Friday afternoon, Jackson announced that he was taking sabbatical for “a period of contemplation and reflection” (but not repentance or restitution).

That period lasted all of one weekend. Bright and early the following Monday morning, to a huge media fanfare, Mr. Jackson announced that he was back, and it would be business as usual. It later came out that he had spent the entire weekend calling in favors and lining up people to support him in his big comeback. This man dares to criticize Phil Robertson (“Jesse Jackson Sr.: ‘Duck Dynasty’ star is worse than Rosa Parks’ bus driver,” Web, Dec. 26)?

Mr. Robertson merely pointed out God’s morals and standards. It is God’s morals and standards with which Mr. Jackson seems to really have problems. Why then is Mr. Jackson in the ministry?

During the 1980s and ‘90s, the same voices that now condemn Mr. Robertson castigated most of this country for supposedly “forcing” our morality on them and for not being “tolerant” of their different point of view. Now they are forcing their immorality on us, and they seem to see no need to be tolerant.




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