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But just as the addition of Fister made a strong rotation into a “wow” rotation, the addition of Cano would make a strong batting lineup a “wow”-to-the-100th-power lineup. Glance up and take another look: You’d have Gold Glove and Silver Slugger potential at almost every spot.

Just because you’re already good doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make yourself better. The Nats, by signing Cano, can make themselves a whole heck of a lot better and not really upset the dynamics of their future too much.

Rendon played second last year because the Nats needed a second baseman after Danny Espinosa’s disaster of a start. He’s a natural third baseman. LaRoche is entering the final year of his contract and it is difficult to see him being brought back in 2015. That might be the time to ask Zimmerman to take a hit for the team and move to first, making room for Rendon at third.

Those are the kinds of things that will work themselves out. To add a player like Cano to this lineup will make it worth whatever juggling needs to be done down the road.

Cano would be a gold-plated bow on what’s already a pretty package.