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Are the Nats finished?

Washington general manager Mike Rizzo rarely hints at his future plans and again declined to do so this week after trading for pitcher Doug Fister. But he also admits his team is far from flawless. There are holes here.

If the Nats pass on the expensive Cano — and there are no indications yet they are legitimately in the mix — they still need bullpen help, especially from the left side. The bench, so good in 2012 and so bad in 2013, could use an upgrade, too. Washington might want to hedge against the health of Wilson Ramos, always in question, and find a legitimate backup catcher who can play 75 games, if needed.

The offense must be better. But do you simply hope Anthony Rendon makes a leap? Is their confidence in Adam LaRoche shaken? Do they expect a better full year from Denard Span? Or can Washington make a trade for another bat?