Bulls’ Rose not ruling out return this season

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Rose wondered how it could happen to him again after everything he went through. But he was also relieved he didn’t suffer an ACL tear.

Even so, he knew the injury was serious when he was being examined in Portland. He said his leg was “catching on the meniscus side, on the inside.”

“I started thinking about, `Why me?’ and all that stuff the day after the surgery,” Rose said.

He said meniscus tear was a “freak accident.”

“(The doctors) look at the tape, look at the film,” Rose said. “The first one (the ACL tear) could have been I put too much pressure or I put too much weight on that leg at that time. This one … I didn’t buckle me knee or anything. I paused for a second. I was able to still run a few steps before I couldn’t walk. It just happened.”

Now, he’s going for therapy every day. He’s incorporating yoga and swimming into his rehab routine and is able to put pressure on his leg.

He said he might try to land a spot on the U.S. world championship team next summer if he’s ready, but he still won’t be playing in any pickup games. He also said he’s not about to start recruiting players to Chicago _ something he hasn’t done in the past _ even though the Bulls‘ core could have a different look.

Luol Deng has an expiring contract and Carlos Boozer is a candidate to be amnestied. But Rose said he hasn’t thought about possible changes.

“There’s a chance I could come back so I’m just cheering them on,” he said.

For now, the Bulls are in a difficult spot. They were third in the Central division at 7-9 entering Thursday’s game against Miami, one that looked like a marquee matchup when the schedule came out. Since then, it has lost that shine.

Rose insisted he’s not finished.

“I believe that I’m a special player. I think people love the way that I just play. I don’t try to impress anyone while I’m playing or anything. I’ve just got a feel for the game. I know my story is far from done.”

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