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But the primary source of Hill controversy has always been who, exactly, must enter the exchanges.

Earlier this week, CNN reported that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, decided to exempt leadership staff from the exchanges, although he and his personal staff will enroll through Obamacare. His decision follows a strict reading of the law’s provision, but conservatives accused him of excusing aides from a law he led to passage over Republican objections.

Other lawmakers declared all of their staff members exempt from the exchanges by designating them as nonofficial staff.

In recent months, the Obama administration decided to allow folks on Capitol Hill to keep an employer-based subsidy that defrays up to 75 percent of their premium costs. It also let lawmakers decide which aides were “official staff” subject to the exchanges.

Many conservatives jumped on the caveats as underhanded attempts to “exempt” lawmakers from a law they created.