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So, as Rizzo leaves for the Winter Meetings next week, it would seem that with the Fister trade in his pocket, most of his work is done. He needs to find himself a quality left-handed reliever, and then fine-tune the bullpen and bench, but the heavy lifting of acquiring a quality starter was done when he got Fister from the Detroit Tigers.

There’s one more thing that this Nationals squad could use for the 2014 season — an outlaw. Yes, a small but smart taste of the past. Someone who will jump out of the dugout and charge the mound when the Atlanta Braves are taking target practice on the Nationals’ hitters.

Doug Fister is a great guy and a terrific pitcher, and is a welcome addition to a team full of great guys and terrific talent. But there should be one place on the bench for one bad-ass.

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