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Colorado Senate Minority Leader, Bill Cadman, said that the elections happened because “Bloomberg’s hired guns were entrenched in Democrat Senate President [Morse] — now former, that is — running MAIG’s agenda against law abiding, liberty-loving, freedom fighters.”  

Mr. Cadman, a Republican, said first two recall elections saw a political landslide against the largest odds and “credit belongs to a group of folks who were virtually political novices.” 

Despite all the gun-control activists’ protestations that Colorado was a victory in 2013, Brady ranked the state two slots lower than in its last ranking in 2011 - No. 15 out of 50. In the law center’s chart, it upgraded the state from a D to a C.

The gun grabbers are correct that Coloradans lost constitutional rights in 2013 and will have to wait for the lawsuit challenging the new laws to go through the courts.

But they are wrong that the recall elections were an aberration.

Quite the opposite. Republican, Democrat and Independent voters sent a clear message to their representatives that they do not want their Second Amendment rights infringed.

Emily Miller is senior editor of opinion for The Washington Times and author of “Emily Gets Her Gun” (Regnery, 2013).