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To witness the end of the embryonic stem-cell hoax, just follow the money (“Pro-lifers hail shift in stem-cell funding,” Dec. 4). Both Maryland and California were leaders in embryonic stem-cell research, but have dramatically reduced funding for this immoral research that kills a new human being in favor of the perfectly moral adult stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells.

Many medical researchers and politicians duped people into thinking that cures for diseases such as Type 1 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease were just around the corner if embryonic stem-cell research were funded. This was the position taken almost a decade ago by Maryland state Delegate Samuel Rosenberg and former Gov. Harry R. Hughes when the two led the successful fight to fund embryonic stem-cell research.

In all these years, embryonic stem-cell research has not produced any cures, but adult stems have treated and cured thousands of people of many diseases. Induced pluripotent stem cells are providing a new capability to research drug effectiveness on diseases and on individuals in the lab.

The constant teaching of the Catholic Church is that life is sacred from conception to natural death. Since the discovery of embryonic stem cells, the church has taught that it is immoral because it kills a new human being. Pro-lifers have continually pointed out that embryonic stem-cell research would never provide clinical treatments because of many problems associated with it (i.e., the cells are uncontrollable and can result in tumors when introduced into a human being). Now we see that the church and pro-lifers were right to oppose embryonic stem-cell research. As for curing diseases, embryonic stem-cell research is a dying farce.

Silver Spring



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