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Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch was on 106.7 The Fan on Monday morning and he called it a $7 million game of chicken. We can’t say it any better.

So what is the end game? Who blinks first? If Snyder dares Shanahan to quit and Shanahan doesn’t, then what? Another year of this nonsense, this dysfunction, this weekly soap opera?

Not acceptable under any circumstances.

Ideally, what will happen is Snyder and Shanahan will meet and meet soon. Maybe this week. Snyder will say go now, immediately and I’ll pay you half of next year’s salary and you’ll like it. If you don’t, you’ll be 200 years old before you collect a penny because I’ll sue you for breach of contract. The only evidence I’ll need is tape of these last few games.

Shanahan will say thanks and pack up his office again. He said during his Monday press conference it wouldn’t take long. All he has in there are two notebooks and an iPad. He’ll move on to whatever is next.

Someone will be named interim coach; it doesn’t really matter who at this point. Jim Haslett? Raheem Morris? Bobby Turner? Pick one out of a hat, play the final three weeks — hopefully with a little effort — and then go about the business of finding the next coach who says he can handle Snyder’s meddling only to find out a few years later he can’t.

That would be the easiest and best way to clean up the current mess. But let’s take our next Jeopardy! turn and take Predictable for $2,000.

Answer: The franchise that never makes it easy.

Question: What is the Redskins?