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Els said on his website last month that he was against the ban, but did not indicate he would fight it. “Whatever they say the rule will be or might be, I’ll go with it. I’m a golfer. I’m not making the rules. I want to honor the game, wherever it takes us.”

He said using a belly putter did not enable him to start making putts, though he has become comfortable with it in the last year. And if the rule goes through and he has to make a change, the Big Easy did not seem bothered by the prospect of change. He pointed out that he has won 69 times around the world, 68 times with a short putter.

“I’ve done it before and there’s no reason why I can’t do it again,” he said. “I’m just thinking about the long-term deal of this thing. If they ban it now, they take a way of putting out of the game where guys would love to play the game in a fun way. You take a way of playing the game out of their hands, you know, it’s kind of unfair when it’s been part of the game now for a long time. And to take it away now, it seems a little unfair.”