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2008 _ Comcast and other companies invest in wireless broadband provider Clearwire Corp.

2009 _ Comcast continues to attract DSL subscribers from phone companies to become the nation’s largest Internet service provider. It also becomes the third-largest phone company. GE agrees to sell controlling stake in NBCUniversal to Comcast.

2011 _ Comcast completes deal for NBCUniversal after the government approves it, with conditions intended to prevent it from keeping NBC programming to itself at the detriment of other cable operators and video websites. Comcast pays $6.2 billion in cash and contributes its pay TV networks such as E! and The Golf Channel worth $7.25 billion.

2012 _ NBCUniversal sells some wireless spectrum and its stake in A&E Television Networks to Disney and Hearst, giving it enough cash to speed up its acquisition of the rest of NBCUniversal. In December, Comcast appends NBC’s peacock logo on top of its corporate name in a new logo of its own. Comcast ends the year with 22 million subscribers.

2013 _ Comcast announces that it is buying the rest of NBCUniversal from GE for $16.7 billion, doing so years early.

SOURCES: Comcast Corp., AP research