- The Washington Times - Friday, February 15, 2013


When the next war comes, fight it yourself. That message must be delivered to Congress as the Department of Defense is once again at risk of being neutered, thanks to sequestration (“Doing more with less: Dealing with sequestration,” Commentary, Tuesday).

The Founding Fathers never intended our nation to be put at risk as a result of partisan bickering or ego clashes. You cannot govern by closing shop and you cannot keep the nation secure by sending the Department of Defense home on unemployment. This paralysis sends a terrible message to the world. Allies will no longer trust us and enemies will not be deterred by the impotent paper tiger we show ourselves to be.

As we are about to be sequestered, I would tell the “honorable” members of Congress that when the next war erupts, fight it yourselves.


Waynesboro, Pa.



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