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“We went and hired these psychiatrists to tell us what we need to do, now we call them engineers,” Harvick joked of the behind-the-scenes changes at RCR.

“Eric and all the crew chiefs, the engineering staff, the amount of effort that Richard has poured in from a financial standpoint to a people standpoint, getting organized, there’s a lot of effort making sure the cars are prepared better. There’s a lot more structure and engineering that goes into these cars nowadays than what there used to be. Today when we were struggling with our car, there’s people with notebooks and iPads, computers. They’re standing around talking about what everybody else has on their cars.

“It’s pretty fun to see, see them all put everything together to try to fix a problem.”

And it’s got Harvick determined to close his tenure at RCR on a high note.

“Pride also comes in there pretty good,” he said. “It’s fun to prove people wrong.”