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AP: How long did you continue voicing the characters on your animated shows after taking on the Oscar job?

MacFarlane: That’s always the challenge. The shows don’t stop for this stuff. They still have to keep moving. And it is a vocal strain. “Family Guy” and “American Dad!” are very vocally taxing shows. There’s a lot of high-energy stuff, a lot of screaming, yelling. A lot of vocal contortions. So that becomes really the biggest challenge of all: How to get it all done and keep it all on schedule and not destroy my throat.

AP: So you’ve essentially had two or three full-time jobs.

MacFarlane: Who knows how this will go. Even if it goes great, I just don’t think that I could do this again. It’s just too much with everything else that I have to do. I’m happy to be doing it and I will be thrilled to have done it, assuming I get out of there in one piece, but I really think this is a one-time thing for me.

AP: Why?

MacFarlane: I just don’t like working 150 hours a week. I do like to have some sort of recharge time. I think it makes everything better. If you’re working around the clock, the work starts to suffer. And it hasn’t thus far, but I’m glad (the Oscars are) in a week and a half because I’m getting close to the point where I can’t do six jobs at the same time. And also, Craig and Neil have been pretty open about the fact that they really want to do this once. They want to put on the best Oscars that they possibly can and call it a day… And I have a feeling whoever produces next year will want to put their own stamp on it. Everybody sort of assumes that Tina (Fey) and Amy (Poehler) will do it next year, and I think that is very likely. So whoever comes in and produces next year I think will want to make their own mark. Even if I wanted to do it again, I think that is a factor. Craig and Neil, I am very much a product of their gamble _ and I’m busting my ass to make sure they don’t regret it. But we are all sort of looking at this as a one-time thing.

AP: Will you take vacation after this? What are you most looking forward to doing?

MacFarlane: I’ll get a little bit of time off. I’ll get a week or two off. And I’ll probably just do nothing. Even travel sounds exhausting.


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