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There’s always positive and negative. We lost a crew early in Apollo, and the last 2 Moon landings were canceled even though the rockets were built. Skylab decayed and fell from the sky before the Shuttle could be made ready to fly.

We’ve endured accidents, budget cycles, and many naysayers. But meanwhile we have accomplished countless acts of magnificence, from walking on the Moon to [the] Hubble [telescope] teaching us about the universe, to international cooperation, to [rover] Curiosity drilling on Mars, to permanently leaving Earth on ISS.

I’m working as hard as I can to help that all happen, and have been for 20 years. It’s hard to leave home, but we’re managing to do it as a species, regardless. Pretty amazing.

Ever listen to [the David Bowie song] “Space Oddity” while you are up there?

Yes, I love Bowie, and I’ve been singing and playing that song. Changed the words a bit, though, so Major Tom has a happier ending.

How often do you hit your head off things on a daily basis?

I hit my head about once per day :)

If you discover intelligent life, who should play you in the movie?

Someone with a good mustache.