- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kellogg Co. said cereal consumers should check their boxes of Special K Red Berries for an unwelcome addition: Glass.

“Please check any packages you have in your home,” Kellogg advised, according to a report by United Press International. “If your package matches the information below, do not eat the food.”

The voluntary recall, according to a KWQC report, pertains to 11.2 ounce boxes with a UPC Code of 38000 59923; to 22.4 ounce twin packs with a UPC Code of 38000 78356; and to 37 ounce boxes with a UPC Code of 38000 20940.

The company says it will issue replacement coupons to those affected by the recall, UPI said.

“If a cereal package is any size other than 11.2, 22.4 or 37 ounces, it is not impacted by this recall,” the company said, according to UPI. “If your package has the letters KXA, KXB or KXC following the ‘better if used before’ date, it is not impacted by this recall.”

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