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“That’s not right,” Elvys Vandredi, the victim’s father, told a local TV station in a 2011 interview for a feature on Martha Heredia called “What happened to Martha Heredia?”

The TV station also featured an interview with Heredia, who said she granted the interview because she was tired of the rumors surrounding her disappearance from the local show business industry.

Heredia blamed her manager at the time for not scheduling concerts or public appearances.

“I need a person who barely sleeps, someone who is constantly connected to social media,” she said.

In late 2011, she produced her first album titled “Lose or Win,” which she recorded in Mexico under the Sony Music label. The first single did not do well.

Heredia’s name disappeared once again and resurfaced last month when she filed a domestic violence complaint against her husband, Manuel Varet Marte, a hip-hop singer known as Vakero. He was ordered held in prison for three months as police investigate the case.

General Prosecutor Francisco Dominguez issued a statement saying Heredia’s situation was unfortunate.

“It’s very sad that young people who have so much promise, who were bestowed by life with all the grace in the world and an unquestionable talent, because of ambition, bad advice or simply to obtain money see themselves in situations like this,” he said.