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The Nats have long been looking for a productive leadoff hitter and are as confident as Span they’ve got the right guy there now. Before sending top pitching prospect Alex Meyer to the Twins for Span, general manager Mike Rizzo said he put in some time researching concussions, too.

“We’ve probably done as much work on it as he has,” Rizzo said. “We’ve sent him to two specialists, just to get all the answers generally with the condition and specifically with him.

“He’s fine, he’s 100 percent. We’re going to monitor him. We’re going to give him access to the best medical people in the world and try to keep him healthy.”

Span, who turned 29 Wednesday, appreciates the support. He hopes it won’t be necessary. He’s moved past being worried about running into walls or having another collision at the plate. He says he’s ready mentally and physically to be the leadoff hitter and center fielder the Nationals want him to be.

“I’m here,” he said, “I’m playing. I’m trying to put all that behind me and move forward.”