- The Washington Times - Thursday, February 28, 2013

A report Wednesday revealed that a statewide initiative in Iran will teach kindergartners the importance of chastity and wearing the hijab.

Tehran’s Gov. Morteza Tamadon has stressed the importance of “popularizing” Islamic teachings among Iranians, advising that kindergarteners be taught “before reaching those in higher education,” the Guardian reports.

The country has recently been engaging in strict modesty laws where women in “vulgar” dress, such as without a headscarf, are fined or even detained by police.

The welfare office of Qom is reportedly “training 400 experts on hijab and chastity who will be sent to kindergartens across the city,” the Guardian reports.

The report added that 1,530 kindergartens have already held “chastity and hijab exhibitions” as part of the initiative.



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