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She added that Gen. Dempsey’s “one of one comment makes no sense’ because job performance is supposed to be based only on how standards are met, without regard to gender.

Col. Ingrid Gjerde, an infantry officer in the Norwegian army for 25 years and commander of Norwegian forces in Afghanistan in 2012, expressed concern that the “critical mass” idea would make the new policy harder to implement, but added that she has had a better time in units that had more women.

“I think you need a certain amount really to influence the culture. So we shouldn’t say we need a specific [amounts], but we should work hard to increase the number,” Col. Gjerde said.

She also said that when men and women shouldn’t share the same sleeping areas when not deployed, especially if there are no locks on barracks doors.

“The combination with alcohol, young men and women together, that’s not always easy,” the combat veteran said. “It’s sad to tell, but that’s the truth.”

The Stockholm International Peace and Research Institute hosted the symposium Friday in cooperation with the University of Virginia School of Law and Women in International Security.