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When the Comuta-car was delivered new, it had two of the nine available optional accessories:

• Battery saver caps …$58.50

• Right-side mirror. ….12.00

The seven accessories not included are:

• AM/FM radio….. $150.00.

• Right-hand drive …150.00.

• AM radio………….89.50.

• Spare tire/jack……..5.00.

• Tinted windshield….50.00.

• Seal-n-drive tire kit…7.50.

• Cigar lighter………..7.50.

The sliding windows in the doors are plexiglass but the one-piece windshield is glass and is swept clean by a single wiper blade.

Inside the cozy cockpit for two is the two-spoke steering wheel. A rocker switch on the dashboard is flipped up to go forward or down to reverse.

That’s all there is to operate a Comuta-car. Press the accelerator to go and press the brake to stop the 1,400-pound car.

Mr. Kinney says that the 50 mph speedometer is “wildly optimistic.” A voltmeter on the left end of the dashboard, he reports, “Is a more accurate gauge to see how fast your battery is dying.”

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