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“They’re my babies,” he said. “They’re not replaceable.”

As the picture car coordinator, Woods has to do wrecks. They wrecked four classic 1949 Cadillacs in “Gangster Squad,” along with eight other cars.

“We blew them up, crashed them and destroyed them,” he said, adding that there was also “one unforeseen accident where we hit a real 2010 Ford taxi in the middle of the night.”

With rare exception, though, his team buys junkyard cars that don’t run, then modifies them for stunts _ and destruction.

Still, Woods hates to see such classic beauties wrecked.

“The integrity of these cars is too much,” he said, adding that none of the working, cared-for vehicles was harmed during the making of the film.

“We never ever shot a hole in a single fender,” he said. “Those cars are down here in my office and they’re not even scratched or hurt. All bullet holes were CG.”

That’s good news for Kotzin, who draws the line at “no dancing on the hood.”


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