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Writer sues management company for negligence

BOSTON — Crime writer Patricia Cornwell is famous for her books on the life of a fictional medical examiner. Now, she has her own personal drama unfolding in federal court.

Ms. Cornwell is suing her former financial management company and business manager for negligence and breach of contract. She claims they cost her millions of dollars in investment losses and unaccounted-for revenues during their four-year relationship.

The Boston trial has opened a window into the life of Ms. Cornwell, who sits in the courtroom while her spending habits and wealth are described for the jury.

Ms. Cornwell says in her lawsuit that problems caused by Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP and former Anchin principal Evan Snapper were so distracting that they caused her to miss a book deadline for the first time in her career.

Attorneys for Anchin and Mr. Snapper deny the accusations and say Ms. Cornwell was a “demanding” client.


Father bears no grudge for alleged kidnapping

SOUTH BEND — An Indiana man says he forgives his parents for allegedly abducting his son nearly 20 years ago and he is eager to be reacquainted with him.

Richard Wayne Landers Sr. said he wants to tell his son, Michael Landers, he loves him but doesn’t know his number. He said he can’t afford to go to Minnesota, where his son was found living with his parents.

Mr. Landers Sr.’s parents allegedly abducted his son in 1994 amid a custody dispute with the boy’s mother. He said his parents never explained why they told a judge they thought he would be a bad parent.

Michael Landers seems to have understood his circumstances and lived willingly with his grandparents. He changed his name from Richard Wayne Landers Jr. in 2006.


Trial begins in priest sexual abuse case

PHILADELPHIA — The second trial to stem from a landmark investigation of priest sexual abuse in the Philadelphia Archdiocese is set to start Monday.

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