- - Tuesday, January 15, 2013


VIENNA — A senior U.N. team is embarking on a new attempt to restart its probe into suspicions that Iran secretly worked on nuclear arms.

The International Atomic Energy Agency team left Tuesday for Tehran and meeting with senior officials there.

Team leader Herman Nackaerts said the IAEA hopes to “finalize the structured approach” that would outline what the agency can and cannot do in its investigation. Mr. Nackaerts spoke before his team’s departure.

The U.N. nuclear watchdog agency has tried for more than a year to restart its stalled investigations into allegations that Iran worked on developing nuclear weapons.

Tehran denies any such activity and insists that any new agency investigation must be governed by an agreement that lays out the scope of such a probe.


Sunni lawmaker killed in suicide bombing

BAGHDAD — A suicide bomber assassinated a Sunni lawmaker in western Iraq on Tuesday, raising tensions in a part of the country that has been roiled by weeks of demonstrations.

While it was unclear who carried out the attack, the killing is likely to further strain relations between the central government and minority Sunnis who have been demanding reforms to policies they believe unfairly target their sect.

The governor of Anbar province, Qassim al-Fahdawi, said lawmaker Ifan Saadoun was killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up in the restive city of Fallujah.

The attack comes two days after a convoy carrying Iraq’s Sunni finance minister, Rafia al-Issawi, was struck by a bomb as he traveled to the city. He was not injured. Mr. al-Issawi hails from the same tribe and is from the same political bloc as Mr. Saadoun.


Report: Turkish jets target Kurdish rebels in Iraq

ANKARA — Turkish jets struck suspected Kurdish rebel targets in a cross-border raid in northern Iraq, Turkish and Kurdish media reported Tuesday, even as Turkey started peace talks with the rebels’ imprisoned leader.

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