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Our Founders had it right when they agreed on the language in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution regarding the Establishment Clause and freedom of religion. They observed firsthand the dangers of a theocracy with the Anglican Church of England (the “established church”) and the power it wielded over the state.

The Founders also recognized the problems that would be created by a powerful federal government intruding on the right of people to practice their religion. The language of the First Amendment was cleverly fashioned to protect both the church and the state from exerting undue power over the other.

What we are seeing in Egypt with the Coptic Christians and the Morsi government is contrary to the balanced approached that was part of our First Amendment, and stands as a potential religious holocaust. Therefore, reasonable people must stand up and express their disgust with the abhorrent behavior on the part of the Egyptian government and military, and pressure Mr. Morsi to end the slaughter of innocent men, women and children who have a right to religious freedom. Otherwise, we will all be complicit in yet another holocaust, the full magnitude of which has yet to be played out.


U.S. Air Force (Retired)

Dale City, Va.

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