- The Washington Times - Monday, January 21, 2013


While on their annual “retreat,” Republicans should realize they have an historic opportunity concerning a great issue of our time (“House Republicans searching for agenda,” Web, Tuesday).

In light of the endless budgetary crises that threaten our long-term economic health — and ultimately our national sovereignty — it is time for an amendment to the Constitution mandating a capped flat tax, a balanced budget and a prohibition against any national debt. House Republicans can indeed force this through, as President Obama and the Democrats will cave if the GOP refuses further debt ceiling increases without an amendment agreed to by the Democratic Senate.

The search for an agenda is simple. Either Republicans choose to save this country as only they can, or they choose cowardice, hypocrisy and everlasting shame by squandering a perfect opportunity to cure this country of the cancer that is killing it.


W. Jefferson, Ohio



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