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Shane and Wilson said they hope their film humanizes the doctors and offers a sense of “the wide-ranging circumstances” that motivate women to choose third-trimester abortions. It has not yet been acquired for distribution.

Wilson said viewers opposed to abortion might be “really surprised about some of these people’s circumstances, especially fetal-anomaly patients, and really have to think, `Should we be having these blanket laws applying to everyone?’”

Robinson hopes the film makes abortion easier to understand and accept _ and ultimately guarantees its accessibility.

“I hope that it will make it clear to viewers that this is a very complex topic and women consider these issues very deeply,” she said. “I hope that it will help de-stigmatize the whole issue of abortion so that it’s a little less cloaked in secrecy and shame. It needs to stay legal. It needs to stay safe and it needs to come out of the shadows.”


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