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“I was pretty confident it wasn’t going to hurt,” Davidson said. “But I guess, in the back of your mind, I was thinking, `Am I going to feel any effects from that?’ But I haven’t. It’s been perfect in the car, absolutely perfect. It feels as good as new. I can still make it hurt outside the car if I twist too much or lift up heavy things. But seven months in, I think that’s quite normal.”

He still feels a “dull ache” after exercising and driving, but it’s becoming less noticeable every day.

He has plans to race at Le Mans again this summer, but he’s unsure about his future outside duties as a commentator with Sky Sports.

Nonetheless, he believes he learned something from the unfortunate crash.

“You’ve just got to expect the unexpected sometimes in traffic,” he said. “You might lose a little bit on it, but ultimately you’ll be there at the end. To finish first, first you have to finish.”