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There has been no word on when women will be allowed to receive official credit for completing the course.

The most physically demanding jobs in the Marines might not be integrated at all.

“If the only women that can qualify are Olympic-class athletes, then maybe that will be a specialty that remains closed to women,” a senior defense official told The Wall Street Journal.

The Marines have begun moving toward gender-neutral standards: Beginning next year, female Marines of all ages for the first time will have to perform at least three pull-ups, instead of a 15-second flexed-arm hang, to pass their annual physical-fitness test and perform eight pull-ups for a perfect score, instead of a 70-second flexed-arm hang. Men must perform at least three pull-ups to pass and 20 for a perfect score.

The armed services must submit to the defense secretary plans for implementing the policy by May 15. Thirty days after Congress has been notified, the services can begin making changes, with full implementation of the policy to be completed by January 2016.

The defense secretary can grant exceptions for any jobs that the services deem should remain closed to women, based on the requirements of those jobs.

“The assumption is that it’s going to be opened. If it shouldn’t be opened, it’s because we have a really darned good, strong argument as to why not,” a senior Marine official told reporters.