Figuring the odds of Palin’s next job: Infomercial, advice column, talk show?

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Reports of Sarah Palin’s demise are almost certainly premature.

Oh, sure: Mrs. Palin and Fox News recently announced an end to their increasingly strained relationship, and yes, some observers have been quick to write her political and pop culture obituary, with one writer comparing her to “a playground great who never made it to the NBA.”

Still, those who know Mrs. Palin best caution against writing her off.

“I think people underestimate her all the time,” filmmaker Steve Bannon, who made the 2011 pro-Palin film “The Undefeated,” told ABC News. “She has two things the factotums in the Republican Party can’t replicate. (A): charisma and (B): the ability to connect to working men and women in this country.”

With that in mind, what’s next for Mrs. Palin? The Washington Times considers the possibilities:

Daytime television talk host

Pros: OK, pop quiz. Which of the following people has not hosted a daytime gabfest?

A) Tyra Banks

B) Sharon Osbourne

C) Tempestt Bledsoe

D) Tony Danza

Surprise! The correct answer is none of the above. Which means the competition isn’t exactly the 1985 Chicago Bears. Mrs. Palin has the name and fame to help fill an ongoing post-Oprah void. Does she have the game? Her much-anticipated, much-dissected guest host appearance on NBC’s “Today” show last spring went off without a major hitch, with Mrs. Palin appearing comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

Cons: Daytime talk is decidedly apolitical. Would Palin supporters accustomed to her endorsements of liberty and denunciations of the Obama administration be content with harmless chit-chat about a minor celebrity’s new perfume line?

Odds: 8-1. A show would allow Mrs. Palin to go head-to-head with 2008 nemesis Katie Couric, which might be a draw. However, it also would make Mrs. Palin a peer with newly minted daytime host Kris Jenner, which might be a major disincentive.

Radio talk host

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