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Palantir does, we estimate, 8 to 10 percent of the functions that are required by DCGS, and what I would tell you is that right now we have soldiers using it in Afghanistan,” Gen. Greene said. “We have a cooperative research and development agreement with the Palantir Corp. looking at how we can leverage the technologies that they have. And we’re about to conduct an assessment of link analysis tools.”

He added: “So we’ll see what the results are, but we are certainly not fighting against Palantir. If they’re found to be the best value for the soldier and the taxpayer, I’m sure that we’ll adopt Palantir as part of the DCGS suite.”

The GAO said common ground system developers have “made considerable progress” in developing one data standard so information can be shared among analysts in different military branches.

But the Pentagon has yet to develop a plan stating what metrics it wants the system to achieve. Without it, the GAO said, the Pentagon is unable to determine whether the system has improved the ability of analysts to carry out their tasks.

Army spokesman George Wright said the GAO report is positive for the entire “enterprise” of systems in use.

“Review of the full GAO report clearly communicates that each military service’s DCGS program is working to support the DCGS Enterprise to ensure intelligence sharing across the military services, national intelligence community and coalition forces,” Mr. Wright said. “It also states that we have had success and demonstrated improvements to common intelligence standards and interoperability certification and testing activities.”

“Each service has a different set of requirements and responsibilities based on their mission. The Army has a larger user base and different mission set than the Marine Corps or SOCOM. We are working directly with the Marine Corps, [special operations command] and all other services to make sure we provide the best intelligence software and hardware solutions, maximize efficiency and increase collaboration,” he said.