- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 11, 2013

George Zimmerman prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda reportedly mislead the jury during his closing arguments Thursday afternoon, when he incorrectly told the jury that the defendant told neighbor and state witness Joe Manalo at the scene that he “killed” Trayvon Martin.

But according to Manalo’s testimony, he never said Zimmerman told him he “killed” Martin.

“I was defending myself when I shot him,” the witness said Zimmerman told him.

When police arrived after the incident, Zimmerman asked Manalo to call his wife: “Just tell her I shot someone,” Manalo said.

According to a report by GretaWire, “the prosecutor’s incorrect assertion was that Zimmerman was a liar when he acted surprised when Officer Doris Singleton told him at the police station an hour later that Martin died.”

The point was apparently to paint a picture for the jury that Zimmerman faked surprise when he supposedly knew Martin was already dead.



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