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David Keene brings intellectual honesty, unquestioned integrity and across-the-board respect of both the political world and the world of public policy. David’s strong persona and depth of experience make him the perfect fit for this position.”

Matt Schlapp, White House political director under former President George W. Bush:

David Keene has served as a mentor and an intellectual touch point for many of us who want to animate government and society with rock-solid conservative principles. He is a veteran of the ideological wars within Republican White Houses, presidential campaigns and the discussion on the heart and soul of the conservative cause. He’s always been the soft-spoken, intellectually grounded voice of reason in the midst of political controversy. The Washington Times has picked the right voice for this critical time.”

Tucker Carlson, Fox News commentator and Editor in Chief of The Daily Caller:

Dave Keene is one of the smartest, most principled people I know. He’s also an accomplished fly fisherman and sportsman, which is not a small thing in an age when so few people in the policy world ever go outside.”

Congress of Racial Equality Chairman Roy Innis:

David Keene is at the same time a living Washington institution, yet beloved by movement conservatives all across our country.”