- The Washington Times - Monday, July 15, 2013


San Francisco International Airport values innovation and is open to new business models that provide our customers with a variety of rental-car options (“Taking on City Hall,” Comment & Analysis, June 25). We had hoped (and continue to hope) that we could welcome FlightCar into the SFO business community. FlightCar, however, must comply with airport rules and regulations, which are designed to provide safe and efficient transport for our passengers and to manage the congestion on our limited roadways.

FlightCar is not exempt from these expectations, regardless of how its business model differs from traditional rental-car agencies. Indeed, we were recently pleased to welcome ZipCar, a car-sharing service, to the airport. The airport’s position in the lawsuit is not one of “coziness” with rental-car companies or a stodgy grip on regulations; it is one of stewardship and fairness.

As a well-funded business with more than $5 million in venture capital, FlightCar continues to advertise to an airport customer base, while claiming to be exempt from its rules. To equate FlightCar with Apple is a false comparison, as FlightCar is not adding a revolutionary product to the marketplace.


Deputy airport director

Marketing and Communications

San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco



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