- The Washington Times - Monday, July 15, 2013

Police arrested a 29-year-old man who was parked just outside Secretary of State John Kerry’s house on Beacon Hill in Boston late Sunday after they discovered him with an open container of alcohol.

Vladimir Romanov, 29, of West Roxbury, Mass., was seen by Secret Service officials on Sunday taking photos of Mr. Kerry’s five-bedroom, 8-286-square-foot home. Secret Service personnel notified local police, who interviewed the man and found an open alcohol container and a pellet gun in his car, the Boston Globe said.

The suspect is due in court on Monday, The Associated Press reported.

The man was in a no-parking zone snapping photographs of Mr. Kerry’s home, AP said. He told officers he was taking the pictures for a friend, but that he deleted them.

A spokesman for Mr. Kerry said the man had been snapping photographs of a window in the secretary’s home. And he said that police had found a pellet gun in the vehicle, AP reported.

Police asked him to move his vehicle, but he said he couldn’t — he’d been drinking, AP said.

Mr. Kerry was not inside the home at the time.

• Ben Wolfgang contributed to this article.



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