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All of it might be hugely entertaining, except for the aching tragedy that comes with it. The victims most brutalized are the very ones who are least equipped to deal with it.

Rachel Jeantel? Her testimony was an American carnival of mis-education and ignorance. She could not even read a letter that she had supposedly written. But she does know how to spell “creepy-ass cracka.” They set her out there to be laughed at by the entire world. Watching her struggle, you could hear the race profiteers slink out like hyenas in the darkness with glowing eyes in search of the remains of another shattered life for a quick meal.

There is, of course, Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old kid who paid a shockingly high price for being a hot-headed teenager with little regard for consequences. In other words, a teenager.

There is also George Zimmerman. Poor guy was just trying to keep the thugs and thieves away from his home, his family and his neighbors. That is a truly high calling for which he should be commended. But things went badly awry and he paid a heavy and irreversible price for it. He may never know a moment of peace again.

And then there are Trayvon’s parents, brave and heart-broken. They don’t belong with the professional race profiteers and all their high dudgeon about how they will not be silenced until a 28th Amendment to the Constitution is approved guaranteeing the right to bear a hoodie at night in a neighborhood not your own.

Honestly, Trayvon’s parents just wish they had their teenage son back. You can shove your stupid hoodies.

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