- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Now that the Senate has passed “immigration reform,” one interpretation is that by not first insisting upon full application and implementation of its previous legislation authorizing border security, the Senate shows contempt for its own law. Does not such disrespect for law by the Senate degrade respect for the rule of law overall? Perhaps the Senate suffers from amnesia. The same will be true for the House if it acts similarly.

The subject of amnesty is fraught with flaws. Does not the granting of immunity to any group of people who callously disregard and violate the law degrade respect for the rule of law overall? If amnesty is granted to one group, then suppose some other group disregards and violates some other federal statute. Should not that group also be entitled to equal amnesty of the law by virtue of the 14th Amendment?


Williamsville, Va.

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