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Immigration reform will revitalize us as a nation, economically but also morally. That’s why evangelicals across the country have been praying for reform this year — nearly 30,000 have signed up as prayer partners in the Evangelical Immigration Table’s “Pray for Reform” effort. Hundreds will be speaking directly with lawmakers this week in Washington during a July 24 Day of Prayer and Action.

With the strong support of their constituents, Mr. Goodlatte and his colleagues on both sides of the aisle must transcend politics as usual and move forward with immigration reform that celebrates biblical values and American values alike.

This means respect for the rule of law, secure borders and for those who seek it, the opportunity to right past wrongs and contribute to our country in the only full way possible: as citizens.

Mathew Staver is founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel and chief counsel for the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.