Tea party branches likely to clash in Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell’s re-election bid

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Jane Aitken of the New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition has long held that national groups such as Tea Party Express, Tea Party Nation and Tea Party Patriots do not deserve the tea party mantle after libertarians, disillusioned with both parties, started the grass-roots movement in 2007.

She said the national groups are nothing more than Republican PACs founded by GOP consultants, and that tea partyers should be wary of donating money to these national groups.

“These are people who all picked up on the name and are making money from it, and are making endorsements of people that the local tea partys do not support,” Mrs. Aitken said.

Mr. Hofstra had a similar take. “My impression is that these national tea party groups, they are lobbying groups based in D.C.,” he said. “They have tea party in their name — sometimes they support tea party values, and sometimes they don’t.”

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