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Are Hispanics becoming enfolded into the fabric of America more quickly and easily than blacks have? If so, what kind of resentment and friction is this creating? Asking such questions brings silence.

I do know this: interracial crime should not be our primary concern.

One black male teenager is killed on Chicago’s South Side almost every day by another black. Blacks are only 12 percent of the U.S. population, but commit approximately 95 percent of all black homicides, and 60 percent of all homicides in America.

This is a true epidemic. The principal reason for this issue is the breakdown of the black family where male role models are absent. Close to 80 percent of all black children are born out of wedlock.

But we are not allowed to talk about that.

The same entertainers demanding “Justice for Trayvon” promote misogyny, violence, dysfunctional lifestyles of drugs and promiscuous sex — the very lifestyle that Trayvon was living before his death. That lifestyle had correlations to his death, even if it was not the cause.

Rather than thinking about the lifestyle they promote and encouraging people of all races to reject “thug life” and proceed to focus on constructive issues, they practice cognitive dissonance. In fact, they protest a law that they unwittingly promote with violence in their lyrics and actions.

At the end of the day, a legally constituted jury rendered the decision in the Zimmerman trial. As Mr. Obama stated, we should “move on.” Rather than focus on our differences and winning the unwinnable argument, each and every one of us should take this time to focus on issues that can bring about change and not further divide this nation.

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