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• I like the aforementioned quartet of young stars in this order: Wilson (49), Kaepernick (46), Luck (76) and RG3 (65). On a related note, if you really like your lineup once the seventh round rolls around, grab Griffin or Luck as your backup. If things work out, you’ll have an extra QB as trade bait. This is the way in which you take advantage of QBs being undervalued. Buy low, sell high.

Graham, Gronk and the TEs: Jimmy Graham is a legitimate No. 1 receiver (not just tight end) when healthy. He’s great value in the third round. Rob Gronkowski has averaged more than a TD a game the past two seasons. But he’s undergone five surgeries since late last year. He becomes a value in the fifth round assuming you don’t have any glaring holes elsewhere in your starting lineup. Don’t take him if you have no QB and Ryan, Wilson or Kaepernick are on the board. Otherwise, I suggest you forget about TE until you’ve filled not only your starting lineup but a significant portion of your bench. There’s not much difference between Tony Gonzalez (57) and Greg Olsen (95).