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“Many thanks to Gov. Perry for your leadership and for helping make Texas the envy of the nation,” the senator tweeted following Mr. Perry’s non-announcement.


A new Gallup poll “documents the balkanization of news, primarily based on politics,” and some very distinct preferences.

“Underscoring the different partisan preferences of those who rely on Fox News vs. CNN for their news, the demographic and political profile of Americans who name each as their top news source are highly distinct. For example, nearly two-thirds of Fox News-oriented news consumers are 50 and older, compared with barely a third of CNN-oriented news consumers: 66 percent versus 35 percent. Relatedly, 69 percent of the Fox News group is married, versus 37 percent of the CNN group,” says analyst Lydia Saad.

“Additionally, core CNN viewers are more likely than core Fox News viewers to be male, while core Fox News viewers are much more likely than core CNN viewers to be white, Protestant, attend church weekly and to earn $75,000 or more per year,” she continues.

The demographic profile of Americans who name Fox News as their main news source is similar to the profile of Republicans, and for good reason. Two-thirds of core Fox News viewers identify themselves as Republican, and 94 percent either identify as or lean Republican. By contrast, 46 percent of core CNN viewers identify as Democrat, and 63 percent identify as or lean Democratic.

Ms. Saad adds, “Seventy-nine percent of the Fox News group describes their political views as conservative, 17 percent as moderate, and 2 percent as liberal. Among the CNN group, 21 percent are conservative, 51 percent are moderate, and 26 percent are liberal. Just 2 percent of the Fox News group, compared with 57 percent of the CNN group, approves of the job President Obama is doing.”

More numbers in today’s Poll du Jour.


A handy-dandy overview of President Obama’s status comes from veteran pollster John Zogby, who gives Mr. Obama a grade somewhere between C-minus and D-plus. Jobless claims are down, there is some economic recovery, plus “talk of Obama scandals has subsided and given way to headlines about weather and mayhem in Egypt,” Mr. Zogby observes.

“Which brings us to the thumbs down side: Could the U.S. really have been blindsided by events in Egypt? The U.S. has the most sophisticated intelligence-gathering capacity of any nation in the world but it could not see a revolutionary moment ready to break in a big nation that is of huge strategic importance?” the pollster asks.

“Summer school recommended,” Mr. Zogby advises.


Kale, broccoli, chicken and apple salad; sweet potato turkey sliders; vegan powerhouse pesto pasta; spinach frittata; zucchini pancakes with passion fruit banana smoothie; sushi salad.

No cheeseburgers, no fries. These are among the 54 winning recipes submitted by young chefs to first lady Michelle Obama’s “Healthy Lunchtime Challenge” contest. But they are what they eat: the young cooks will be at the White House on Tuesday for the second annual Kids State Dinner, which will feature a selection of the recipes.

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