- The Washington Times - Monday, July 8, 2013


It’s time to stop rewarding illegal immigration in America and start punishing lawbreakers.

I can’t believe that Congress is once again considering amnesty for the lawbreakers, a move that is a slap in the face to both legal immigrants and American-born citizens. The last time Congress granted amnesty, we had a flood of additional illegal immigration — and this time will be exactly the same. Passing immigration reform without sealing the borders first will result in another flood of illegals, even if citizenship is denied until the borders are adequately sealed.

There will be no way to discern the illegal immigrants who come in before the reform from those who come in following the reform. The result will be a flood of new lawbreakers coming across the border so they can join the group of illegal immigrants heading for citizenship.

Illegal immigration is undermining employment opportunities for legal immigrants and citizens alike. Since 2002, new jobs have gone to legal and illegal immigrants, with job numbers for American-born citizens dropping. Wake up, Congress.


Burke, Va.

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