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Mr. Binz’s role in writing the Clean Air Clean Jobs bill led to lawsuit brought by the Colorado Mining Association. The suit alleges a clear conflict of interest and seeks to disqualify him from ruling on matters pending before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

The case is now pending before the Denver District Court, though it’s unclear of its fate given the fact that Mr. Binz is preparing to leave the state and come to Washington.

The mining association and other critics of Mr. Binz say that he was willing to allow Colorado residents to pay higher utility rates in an apparent effort to advance his clean-energy agenda.

“If we in Colorado don’t speak up and expose the real Ron Binz, the rest of the country will make the same mistake we did by handing too much regulatory power to this anti-business bureaucrat,” said Sean Paige, deputy state director of the Colorado chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a major conservative political advocacy group.

Mr. Binz clearly isn’t running away from the Clean Air Clean Jobs bill. His resume, posted on the website of his consulting firm, lists implementation of the bill as the No. 1 “major accomplishment” during his tenure.