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Which brings us to “In Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election — and How to Stop Them from Doing it in 2016,” written by Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell and Tim Graham, director of media analysis for the conservative watchdog.

The pair document their claims that the left-leaning press made an “unprecedented” and “naked” effort to censor news, bash Republicans and craft a fairy tale narrative for Democrats to ensure President Obama won re-election.

“There is no question that the media fully invested in Barack Obama and played a major role in his 2008 election victory through biased news reporting. The media’s role in Obama’s 2012 re-election, however, goes far beyond bias,” Mr. Bozell says. “The liberal media systematically undertook a campaign of character assassination against every single Republican candidate while pushing the narrative that the Obama White House was scandal-free.”

It’s the worst Mr. Bozell has seen in the last 25 years, he says, adding, “We never witnessed bias that severe.”

“The press have gone from the right to know to the right to keep people in the dark. Until the liberal media’s suppression of the facts is exposed and neutralized, Republicans can forget about ever winning another election,” observes Mr. Graham.



— President Obama on his favorite food, responding to a young attendee at the White House Kids State Dinner on Tuesday.

Incidentally, former President George H.W. Bush said 70 times while he was in office that he hated broccoli, this according to a painstaking count by Eric Ostermeier, founder of the University of Michigan’s ever-ready Smart Politics Blog.


Something for journalists to look forward to? Oh my, but yes. The gracious folks from Mount Vernon will soon journey to the National Press Club for a press preview of the spiffy $104 million George Washington Presidential Library, devoted to the study of all things George, due to open in late September.

Yes, Mount Vernon President Curt Viebranz will offer wisdom, and a sampling of Washington’s historic books will be there to ogle. And lucky this is not a breakfast event. Also there for the happy press: “Taste George Washington rye whiskey,” the invitation declares.

Whiskey? Indeed. Mount Vernon has a petit distillery, producing unaged rye whiskey described as “authentic” and “slightly floral, earthy, and grainy.” The price: $95 a bottle.


What should Junior major in? Here’s a brief practical guide to college degrees — gleaned from a Harvard University analysis of a Georgetown University Public Policy Institute study:

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