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“The lowest unemployment rates were among elementary education (5 percent) and nursing (4.8 percent) majors, while information systems (14.7 percent) and architecture (12.8 percent ) saw the highest rates of unemployment. Computer science majors saw an unemployment rate of 8.7 percent; but drama and theater arts majors had a significantly lower rate, at 6.4 percent. English language and literature majors had an unemployment rate of 9.8 percent. While that is relatively high, accounting majors saw a rate only one percentage point lower, at 8.8 percent.”


68 percent of Americans manage different “sets” of family and friends across multiple social networks; 58 percent wish they could monitor their accounts through a single source.

56 percent experience “fear of missing out” anxiety if they don’t constantly monitor their accounts.

52 percent have taken a “vacation” from one or more of their accounts in the past year.

51 percent log in more frequently than they used to.

27 percent check their social networks as soon as they wake up.

26 percent would be willing to give up cigarettes before giving up social media.

Source: A survey of 2,084 U.S. adults conducted May 31 to June 4 and released Tuesday.

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